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Our Advocacy Program provides direct advocacy support to individuals at any age struggling with systemic hurdles.

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One Step at a Time

Our Advocacy Program provides direct advocacy support to individuals at any age struggling with systemic hurdles. Our Advocates help consumers navigate through service systems such as education, developmental programs, federal funding streams, medical assistance, legal assistance, housing, transportation, social security, trusts, wills, and community supports and resources.

With a wealth of knowledge and experience in this department, our advocates are the best to be able to help navigate through Individual Education Program (IEP) and anything else that your family may be facing while helping your loved ones with disabilities become their best selves.


An advocate can work with you and your family for a one-time issue or be available to help on going. Over time things change and evolve, laws progress and funding are made available. Our staff is here to help however deemed fitting.


Impact Story

Leroy Charles

I am so thankful for my educational advocate Beth at The Arc of Dauphin County. She has always been available, even when short notice is given. She was able to look over my child’s current IEP and found changes that needed to be made to help him thrive. She is a great support for my child’s educational needs.

Her experience as an advocate has helped me fight for my child. She has helped me understand my rights and this allowed me to challenge the system for my son in school services. My son’s educational experience has been better met.

The services The Arc provides are extremely important to me and my family. There are very limited resources for families with disabilities. This can become very overwhelming when trying to navigate the services your child needs as well as what services are available. The advocates help take the guesswork out and bring you closer to the resources that offer support.

Thank you, Beth and Arc of Dauphin County, for helping us navigate all of this!

– Alexis Charles, mother of Leroy

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a client and a consumer?

At the Arc of Dauphin County, we prefer to call those who require our services, consumers. No one wants to be referred to as a case. We believe this is a small sign of respect for our loved ones with mental and physical disabilities. The idea is that one’s ability is stronger than their disability.

I need help with a resource, but I am unsure where to start or if it even exists?

The staff in each program is here to help navigate in finding what is the best option available. While our focus is on the Dauphin County and surrounding community, we will do our best to either answer any questions you may have or find out an answer for you.

What is an advocate?

An advocate has many different meanings, think of our advocates as conversation starters. They specialize in bringing everyone to the table in times of need to make sure all the providers or partners in the consumers wellbeing are on the same page now and moving forward.

What is person centered advocacy?

The idea that what is best for the consumer is always what is put first. A level of transparency is always needed, but our advocates work for the consumer not the system of care. While it is a free service that connects the dots to available benefits and promotes communication between all parties involved. Our experienced and loving advocates will help with long term services and supports that are available to fit the needs and preferences for the consumer.

Do I need to pay for the services the Arc of Dauphin County offers?

No, many of the services provided to consumers are free of charge.

How is the Arc funded?

Majority of the funding comes from grants and donations from the community. This allows the continuation of free services to those who need them most.

Do you accept donations?

YES! Wish lists and needs for programs are posted on our website and social media. Many of our classes require donations of goods to be able to offer a wide variety of class options. Monetary support options are available as well at the top of the page or on social media.