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The Arc of Dauphin County is in the business of changing and shaping the lives of individuals with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. The work we do at our organization is aimed at providing a holistic, person-centered approach to solving some of society’s biggest challenges. We make sure our consumers are empowered and included by creating positive opportunities for them in their communities.




Our Advocacy Program provides direct advocacy support to individuals at any age struggling with systemic hurdles. Our Advocates help consumers navigate through service systems such as education, developmental programs, federal funding streams, medical assistance, legal assistance, housing, transportation, social security, trusts, wills, and community support or other resources.

Horticulture and Cooking Classes

A specialized class with our master gardener teaches high school students to learn self-sufficiency skills. By learning to grow various plants, herbs, and vegetables teaches various skills to help one take care of something beyond themselves. Then taking many ingredients the students grew themselves to cook a delicious meal.

​Pre-Employment Transition Services


Individualized program plans are designed and tailored to meet the transition service needs of students with disabilities, ages 14-21. In partnership with the Office of Vocational Rehabilitation (OVR), The Arc of Dauphin County collaborates with school districts, community partners, and local businesses that support an inclusive workplace by providing opportunities for students with disabilities.


Harsco Building

​Representative Payee Program

Our Representative Payee program provides peace of mind in knowing that financial responsibilities are being addressed and handled timely and expertly. Ensuring the basic needs of housing and utilities are always up to date and stepping in to manage issues of bill concerns. Benefit payment management systems such as our program can step in when a family representative is unavailable to manage the monetary responsibilities of a loved one.

Impact Story

Barbara Will

Every summer for almost ten years, Ms. Barbara was at The Arc’s Camp Sertoma. While she was in other activities in the area, the camp was by far her favorite! She loved every chance she got to be around her friends and socialize.

As the times changed Ms. Barbara was involved with some programming from the Arc for over 20 years and would tell you her overall experience was a 10 out of 10. The activities and fellowship The Arc provided were always the highlight of her week.

 The Arc is important to the community because it provides valuable services to a group of people who are often forgotten. Without The Arc, the clients may regress and lose life skills that are beneficial to their overall wellbeing. The Arc is a place of inclusion and helps individuals with disabilities feel valued and become more productive members of our society.

Sally Copeland, Ms. Barbara Will’s Niece

Barbara Will

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

What is the difference between a client and a consumer?

At the Arc of Dauphin County, we prefer to call those who require our services, consumers. No one wants to be referred to as a case. We believe this is a small sign of respect for our loved ones with mental and physical disabilities. The idea is that one’s ability is stronger than their disability.

I need help with a resource, but I am unsure where to start or if it even exists?

The staff in each program is here to help navigate in finding what is the best option available. While our focus is on the Dauphin County and surrounding community, we will do our best to either answer any questions you may have or find out an answer for you.

What is an advocate?

An advocate has many different meanings, think of our advocates as conversation starters. They specialize in bringing everyone to the table in times of need to make sure all the providers or partners in the consumers wellbeing are on the same page now and moving forward.

What is person centered advocacy?

The idea that what is best for the consumer is always what is put first. A level of transparency is always needed, but our advocates work for the consumer not the system of care. While it is a free service that connects the dots to available benefits and promotes communication between all parties involved. Our experienced and loving advocates will help with long term services and supports that are available to fit the needs and preferences for the consumer.

Do I need to pay for the services the Arc of Dauphin County offers?

No, many of the services provided to consumers are free of charge.

How is the Arc funded?

Majority of the funding comes from grants and donations from the community. This allows the continuation of free services to those who need them most.

Do you accept donations?

YES! Wish lists and needs for programs are posted on our website and social media. Many of our classes require donations of goods to be able to offer a wide variety of class options. Monetary support options are available as well at the top of the page or on social media.