Craig George– President and CEO

Administration and Facilities

Barbara Bressler – Receptionist

Advocacy Program

Kathy Gingerich – Educational and Community Advocate

Consumer Programs

Ken Seeger – Director of Consumer Programs

Ruth Knapp – Consumer Programs Specialist

Joe Martin – Respite Manager/Consumer Programs Specialist

Carol Hornung – Consumer Programs Specialist

Finance, Human Resources and Representative Payee

Ashley Carter – Director of Finance and Human Resources

Linda Chisolm – Representative Payee

Celeste Martin – Representative Payee

Vicky DuLac – Fiscal Assistant

Deb Johnson – Representative Payee Supervisor

Cindy Paul – Representative Payee

Outreach Program

Caterina Veccia – Director of Outreach

Positive Behavior Support

Heather Brinser – Positive Behavior Support Consultant

Lindsey Christie – Positive Behavior Support Consultant