The Advocacy Program assists individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families to become informed about resources, services and supports that are available to meet their needs. Our Advocate help consumers navigate through service systems such as education, developmental programs, federal funding streams, medical assistance, legal assistance, housing transportation, social security, trusts & wills, and community supports and resources.

If you are in need of advocacy support, contact Kathy Gingerich, (717) 920-2727; by fax at (717) 920-2730; or by email

Life in the Community

The Arc provides socialization/habilitation services with a focus on community integration for adults who are developmentally disabled.

Some activities include self-enhancement, participant and spectator sports, trips, and social events. The majority of activities offered by this program are determined by the consumers themselves.

Options Habilitation Classes

This service provides for individualized life skill training and community integration opportunities based on the individual’s specific needs interests and abilities, consistent with a self-determined lifestyle. Because each class is customized, courses are tailored to each individual’s abilities, goals and interests. Classes are generally scheduled in one or two hour blocks depending on each Student’s need.

Computer Training: Learn computer skills at all levels through Computer Training at The Arc of Dauphin County. Classes are designed to teach everything from basic computer functions to complex office programs depending on the individuals knowledge.

Budgeting and Money Handling: Improved budgeting and money handling skills allow students to gain independence in their everyday lives. Students in this course work on everything from basic number skills to math skills and more complex budgeting.

Cooking and Nutrition: Students of all ability levels excel at cooking classes. These classes, held in a fully equipped kitchen, cover a wide variety of cooking and nutrition topics. Some of the focus areas include: kitchen sanitation and safety, how to read and follow a recipe, how to operate kitchen equipment, microwave cooking, basic math for measuring, healthy eating choices and much more!

For more information, please contact Ken Seeger, Director of Consumer Program at (717) 920-2727 or email

Positive Behavioral Support (PBS)

Positive Behavior Support offers an individual centered approach developed to include all aspects of life (medical, psychological, educational, and facilitative services) and provided through a least restrictive strategy that is described in a written plan.
The program is created based on a functional assessment of the behavior and the circumstances under which it occurred, a thorough assessment of each individual’s unique abilities and contributions, and an understanding of how previous interventions have worked.

PBS can help to prevent challenging behaviors; teach new skills that may replace challenging behaviors; prevent the on-going reward of a challenging behavior; reinforce positive behavior; used in a humane and caring manner respecting individual dignity; ensure safety (when necessary); and provide systemic information on the effectiveness of the support.

Implementation occurs in a positive, socially supportive and culturally appropriate environments such as the home and can include positive reinforcers or adaptations to assist in the programs success. The program can be carried out by staff, family members and others who have been trained to effectively apply positive, non-aversive approaches and is monitored to ensure appropriate implementation and success. It can also be changed in a timely fashion if success is not evident or occurring at an appropriate rate.

Representative Payee

The Arc’s Rep Payee program maintains a personal account for each client, which contains their Social Security or VA Funding. This account is used to pay your monthly bills. Any unused money is saved fo rthe individual. Currently we serve over 400 participants.

The Kids on the Block

The Kids on the Block program is an educational puppet program that develops inclusive attitudes among second graders by stressing the value of all people and teaching that we can all learn and grow together. This program is available by request to schools, community and civic groups.


The Arc’s respite program provides consumers with different opportunities to experience a variety of weekend supportive and supervised activities while providing much needed respite for families and caregivers. Weekends are themed and have accompanying fun-filled activities.

Learning for Life Program

The Arc of Dauphin County has a partnership with Susquehanna High School to provide certain transition services to students with disabilities who are transition ages 12-21. This program provided career development, job training and wellness.