Established in 1953 by parents wanting to create opportunities for their children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, The Arc opens doors and unlocks potential for consumers of all ages. Providing advocacy and access to educational, vocational, recreational and critical life skills programs, The Arc is an essential resource for consumers, their families and the community.

THE ARC OF DAUPHIN COUNTY has come a long way over the past 60+ years!

Today, in our Options Habilitation Program, people learn reading and literacy, budgeting, laundry, home care, cooking, nutrition, wellness and computer training. Our Advocate assists parents with understanding and assuring their child’s rights within the public education system and support adults with living, working, legal, medical and other issues.

Positive Behavioral Support team provides individuals and families with strategies and skills that contribute to independence and successful involvement in everyday life.
Representative Payee makes monthly payments on behalf of consumers receiving Social Security Benefits to assure continuation of rent, utilities, personal items & other essentials.

And our Kids on the Block is an educational puppet program that models relationships between people, both with & without disabilities by communicating facts & feelings between the puppets and the audience.